And now an optimistic view from hell

Trump’s base grows every day, and every item of news that would make him look bad in a self-respecting society only works to his advantage. At least half of the country is addicted to substances, digital and traditional media outrage; aspirational esoterica; and/or conspiratorial thinking. Apophenia and scapegoating are almost national pastimes. #hell As far […]

911 to Trump and Beyond

One of the under-acknowledged impacts of 911 is what it did to the general mental status of citizens in this country – at personal, collective, and institutional levels. It catalyzed a regression in America’s collective maturity and lowered the nation’s immunity to chicanery. Denial of trauma can bog-down grief. We have been in denial about […]

The Real President of Cyberspace

This is some sur-real Running Man stuff here…except in reverse, where we – the audience – are the runners, whether we know it or not. The question is: where are we running? Or, more importantly, to where should we run? Stay tuned!

The Psychopathy Incubator

For your viewing amusement via @VicBergerIV. (Context) Psychopathy is likely the result of an intermixing of genetic predispositions and early childhood experiences; however. the availability of Social Media reinforces distortions in self-assessment and deflates the empathic responses to human pain, anguish, and grief that accompany face-to-face presence. The whole world is being tugged into a […]